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Instalation & Commisioning

The correct installation and commissioning will ensure a high degree of operational reliability. To achieve a problem-free start up, it is required that installation and commissioning procedures are followed. The use of service personnel from ECI low voltage systems service ensures that the switchgear is installed and put into operation in a safe and correct way. ECI certified service engineers provide expert on-site installation, cold and hot commissioning for low voltage switchgear and products.

Erection supervisory services

- Supervision of cubical erection
- Supervision of transport section connections
- (e.g. main bus bars and cubicles connection)

Installation supervisory services

- Supervision of incoming / outgoing cable connections
- Switchgear earthing check
- Insulation level testing
- Internal wiring check
- Internal serial communications
- analysis check
- Auxiliary voltage supply check


- Setting of device parameters for Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters and Feeders
- Operation of devices Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters and Feeders
- Serial communications analysis to DCS and SCADA including cable path bonding and communications check

System analysis and optimization to further improve the performance of the installation

- Application review
- Configuration review
- Motor Protection review
- Communication review
- Incomer Protection setting review