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As the leading power solution provider, ECI are dedicating on systematic solutions of energy management, power monitoring, power quality, electrical safety and intelligent switchgear to smart grid users. Our businesses focus on smart building, utility, large-scale industrial enterprise, renewable energy, semiconductor, IDC, advanced material, petrochemical, transportation infrastructure, education and health care industries. ECI integrated R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service, and have a complete product ecosystem from digital measuring devices, intelligent switchgears, power quality mitigation solutions to IoT Cloud platform. We provide reliable data services for energy saving, electric safety, power quality improvement and comprehensive energy management to empower smart energy management by digitalization..

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Static Var Generator (SVG)
a new-generation product of Static Var Generator(SVG), it used the latest technology for the reactive power compensation. When the SFR-SVG parallel in the grid, it equalized as a dynamic reactive current source.The reactive current of the SVG could be flexibly controlled and compensate the reactive power automatically

Active Harmonic Filter
a new type of power quality improvement production for dynamically filtering harmonics and compensating reactive power. It can filtering and compensate harmonic (variable in orders and frequency) and dynamic reactive power in real time. It is used to overcome the shortcomings of conventional harmonic suppression and reactive power compensation methods such as passive harmonic filters, and achieve the harmonic filtering function and reactive power compensation function of the system. Active harmonic filter is widely used in power, metallurgy, petroleum, port, chemical industry and mining enterprises.

Hybrid Compensation Device

Is Combination of Static Var Generator (SVG) and Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) in a cabinet for accurate continuous compensation 

Smart Capacitor Bank
a new generation of compensation module with functions of energy saving, reduction of line loss, power factor enhancement and improvement of power quality. This module is mainly used in the occasions where the harmonic distortion is not serious. SFR-L series low voltage power capacitor modules take two type compensation capacitors or one Y type compensation capacitor as main body and are highly integrated with compound switch, microprocessor and other function modules.