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POWERHOUSE Enclosures and Genset Packaging Solutions

ECI is an industry leader in the design and construction of Genset’s Enclosure. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to provide a complete and competitively priced turnkey package, including power packs, housings, sub-base tanks and other components.

Heavy Industry Catalog

ECI has designed and built of Enclosures. We incorporate the right mix of standard and optional features to deliver a cost-effective Enclosure that meets the needs of your application.
ECI’s engineering team will design the Enclosure to meet your specification, including dBA requirements on sound-attenuated units.

Enclosures are designed and constructed to meet your structural, performance and dimensional requirements.

Weather-Protective Enclosures: Help protect your genset from the elements and unauthorized access.

Sound-Attenuated Enclosures: Reduce sound output, help protect the genset and prevent unauthorized access.

Standard features

Construction: All Tramont Enclosures utilize sheet metal construction with stainless steel hinges and latches, aluminum and stainless steel hardware.

Steel: Offers strength and rigidity. Suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications.
Galvaneal: A thin layer of annealed zinc is fused to the steel surface. Strength of steel with additional rust and corrosion resistance.
Aluminum: High level of corrosion resistance. Often specified for locations with extreme humidity or exposure to salt spray.
Stainless steel: Strength of steel, plus superior corrosion resistance. Standard material is 304 stainless.

Powder coated: Electrostatically applied, baked on power paint is more durable and weather resistant than wet process paint.
• Textured matte finish, optional gloss.
• Thirteen standard colors. Selection includes all major domestic generator manufacturers.
Custom colors available.

Drip rails over doorways: Helps direct water away from openings.

Acoustic foam liner: Reduces noise output on Sound Attenuated Enclosures. Material thickness varies based on requirements.

Roof pitch 2” from center point to edge: Directs water off top of Enclosure.
Stainless steel hinges and latches: Helps prevent rust and corrosion.
Gasketed access doors: Reduces water infiltration, minimizes noise.
Lockable door handles: Recessed design keeps handles flush with Enclosure surface.
Frequently ordered options include:
Inlet/outlet access panels: Easy maintenance of optional hoods.
Louvers and dampers: Motorized or gravity.
Lighting: Multiple inside and outside options including fluorescent, incandescent, DC, emergency, exterior with photo cell and strobe lights.
Perforated lining: Galvanized steel or aluminum protective covering for interior foam insulation.
Internal door release: Allows exit from locked enclosure.
Viewing window: Control panel visibility.
Heater: Helps maintain ambient temperature.
Door holders: Secures open doors in place.