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Project managenet solution

A project needs to be managed properly starting from the concept, design, tender, until the handover of work in accordance with the targets set by the Clients including time, quality, budget, and organizational goals. .

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

ECI provides professional project management service to manage projects from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, to closing stage.

Our project management consultant service covers different areas that include coordination, scope, time, cost, quality, procurement, human resources, communications, risk, safety and stakeholder management

Project Management
Our Design & Engineering Service provides practical and economical solutions for Clients due to the extensive experience of our certified professional engineers.
Our team consists of experts in Electrical, Mechanical, Architectural, Structural and Civil, and HVAC discipline who design based on international as well as local standard. 
We are successfully combining the power of BIM and 3D-Design.
The services we offer include:
Concept Design
Sketches, ideas, and requirements are translated into proper concept drawings which will be utilized as the prelude for the next design phase. The Concept Design shows the architectural block plan of Client’s facility in a master plan and is usually presented in several options.
Deliverables provided in Concept Design are:
- Design Layout
- 3D Concept Design
Basic Design
Based on the selected Concept Design, the Basic Design is prepared to enable the Clients to decide how to proceed.
Deliverables provided in Basic Design are:
- Basic Design Drawings
- Outline Specification
- Drawings for Construction
Detailed Engineering Design
The Detailed Design stage will start once the Basic Design has been approved by the Client (as hold point).
Deliverables provided in Detailed Engineering Design Phase are:
- Detailed Design Drawings
- Issue for Tender Drawings (IFT Drawing)
- Issue for Construction Drawings (IFC Drawing)
- Technical Specifications
- Calculation Reports
Engineering Support on Project
During project execution:
- Design follow up can be provided
- Redesign can be done based on changing circumstances
Design Review & Verification
Some Clients may need a second opinion or design verification on the design of their consultant. ECI can provide this independent service
Pengertian engineering
Specialist Advice
If required, ECI can provide specialist advice in specific areas of:
- Electrical
- Mechanical
- Civil works
- Structural
- Architectural
As the cost & contract management consultant, we assist our Clients to achieve the best outcome of a project by controlling and reviewing the cost and contractual aspects from inception up to completion stage.
At ECI, we assist our Clients to prepare tailor made contract agreements for the appointed contractors based on International Standard Contractual Agreement for Construction (FIDIC) and National Standard Contractual Agreement for Construction (UUJK).
Along the way, ECI will advise Clients periodically regarding the actual and predicted expenditure so they can plan their financial management accordingly. We provide an integrated service that covers:
Pre-Contract Stage
- Prepare Preliminary Budget Estimate (PBE)
- Prepare Cost Plan
- Prepare Bills of Quantities (BoQ) and Tender Estimates
- Advise on potential savings regarding material selection during project design

- Support Clients during contract negotiation
- Prequalification of contractors
- Prepare tender documents
- Provide review, assessment & evaluation, and report for the tender Support Clients during contract negotiation
- Prepare contract documents
Team work process
Post Contract Stage
During Construction, our professionals will:
- Evaluate and monitor change orders including its implications

- Provide periodically cost control & financial report

- Prepare payment certification for contractors
- Prepare final account

To ensure the project is completed on time, on budget, on quality, and following the safety procedure, it is important to manage the project by a professional construction management team.

ECI provides comprehensive construction management consultancy services from appointment of contractor up to project close out. We will assign our professional personnel as construction managers, site engineers, supervisors, schedulers, document controllers and safety officers to manage the day to day activities on behalf of the Clients.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) connects teams, workflows, and data across the entire project lifecycle, from design and engineering to construction and operations, to realize better ways of working and better outcomes.

As one of the first companies in Indonesia utilizing BIM, the ECI BIM Modelers have an extensive track record in providing the services. Now, ECI shares its expertise to projects around the world, adding professional and efficient modeling support to the team.

The service we offer captures each building discipline:
- Structural BIM
- Architectural BIM