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What is a Fuel Polisher System and Why is it Important?

Fuel polisher system is a mechanical process of filtering stored fuel through equipment or multiple devices that target and extract contaminants without the need for (or with significantly reduced need for) expensive and often inefficient fuel additives. So, what is a fuel polisher system and why is it important?


First and foremost, a fuel polisher system is a potential lifesaver that can save you thousands of dollars on fuel replacement or maintenance. Proper fuel polisher maintenance will make your fuel reserves work like new or as close to new as possible.


To effectively clean and restore stored fuel to its original clean state, various filtration equipment is needed to target the complex contaminants that accumulate in biodiesel, diesel, red diesel, and other fuels over time.


The best fuel polisher systems utilize separate machines with different filters employing various filter technologies within a single fuel polisher unit. The most effective and safe fuel polisher systems target the densest material first – particularly the material that accumulates near the suction side of internal pumping.


This is because high-pressure contamination poses a significant risk, and such pressure primarily occurs on the suction side of diesel fuel tanks. Therefore, the majority of fuel polisher processes should be conducted on the suction side for optimal (and safest) results.


What is the Difference Between Fuel Replacement and Fuel Polisher?


Fuel polisher purifies your current fuel so that you can use it for an extended period. Fuel replacement means not only having to purchase new generator fuel but also disposing of your current fuel.


This is not only unnecessary (if your fuel can still be polished) but also expensive, as fuel is a hazardous material with high disposal costs. Fuel should only be replaced in extreme cases, when the fuel is too contaminated that even polisher cannot help. Regular fuel polisher will prevent such cases.


The Importance of Fuel Polisher System


It prevents your fuel from going bad, thus helping prevent your generator from experiencing disruptions when you need it most.


Fuel polisher achieves this by capturing water, microbes, rust, and sludge within the filter system. Without this process, these contaminants often clog filters and damage other components such as injectors and fuel pumps.


In some cases, proper injector repairs and fuel polisher can solve everything. However, in the worst-case scenarios, it may not be enough, and companies would have to pay for emergency repair visits, costly hazardous material disposal, and new fuel. That concludes the explanation of what a fuel polisher system is and why it is important. We hope the above explanation is beneficial!

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