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What is a Genset Control Panel? Its Functions and Types

Every component of a genset requires operational usage and functional inspections. Gensets can become exhausted when they overheat, resulting in slowed performance, component wear and tear, and overall deterioration. A genset control panel plays a vital role in maintaining the condition and performance of the genset itself. So, what is a genset control panel?


What is a Genset Control Panel?


A genset control panel is a device used to measure voltage, frequency, and current using measuring instruments. This control panel is typically rust-resistant and capable of protecting the genset from the effects of snow and rain. The panel can be located on the generator, especially in the case of residential genset panels. However, for industrial gensets, the control panel is typically separate from the genset itself. The genset control panel is usually equipped with switch buttons that facilitate the operation of the genset, such as the on/off switch and the turn-on key. These buttons serve the purpose of ensuring the safety of the genset control panel in case of errors.


The genset control panel can be automatically transferred to maintain the power supply process within the genset and activate glow plugs. This control panel is particularly useful for residential gensets, especially during inclement weather conditions. It offers various features such as oil pressure, an LCD screen, water temperature sensor, set point, and cables. You can have a control panel tailored to match your genset.


Functions of a Genset Control Panel


The genset control panel offers several functions when you utilize its features. Here are some of the functions of a genset control panel:


1. Genset Control


The genset control panel provides control specifically designed for both manual and automatic gensets. It enhances the performance of the genset, ensuring that the temperature remains within an acceptable range.


2. Sensor Checking


The genset control panel’s performance is essential for checking and detecting sensors as parameters. This function ensures that the genset remains in optimal condition.


Types of Genset Control Panels


After understanding the various functions of a genset control panel, it’s time to explore the different types available. Here are some of the types:


1. Automatic Transfer Switch


An automatic transfer switch functions as an automatic switch when there is a planned or sudden power outage. When a power outage occurs, the power source is transferred to the genset. This switch ensures a seamless transfer of power to the genset.


2. Automatic Main Failure


Automatic main failure is an electrical system that automatically starts and stops the genset. This function can be operated with human assistance. It enables you to start the engine and ensure a smooth flow of electrical power.

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